The Oak Park Area Arts Council maintains several unique and beautiful sculptures throughout its area of service. Come take a walk through our community and enjoy the many wonderful pieces of public art on display! Below is a comprehensive list of the sculptures in Oak Park managed by OPAAC.

Geraldine McCullough
Sheet brass, brass pipe, brushed brass
Located at Village Hall, 123 Madison St.

Michael D. Brown
Located at Mills Park


Mike Hansel
Cor-Ten steel, silicon bronze
Located on North Blvd. at Oak Park Ave.


Scott Wallace
Located at the Dole Learning Center, 255 Augusta St.


Zoran Mojsilov
Granite, stainless steel
Located at Austin Gardens, 167 Forest Ave. 


Eric W. Stephenson
The Traveler
Welded stainless steel
Located on Chicago Ave. at Humphrey


Shencheng Xu
Catch Up
Fiberglass with steel armature
Located on Harrison St. at Lyman


Don Lawler
Pod of Sun Seeds
Indiana limestone
Located at Village Hall, 123 Madison St.


Pat McDonald
Arched Rings
Steel, red paint
Located on Harlem at Ontario


Ron Gard
I Ams What I Ams
Cor-Ten steel, stainless steel
Located on Marion St. at South Blvd.


Michelle Moushey Dale
Natural Wonders
Located at the Oak Park Public Library, 834 Lake St.


Christopher Newman
High Beam
Welded aluminum
Located on Harrison St. at Lombard


Luke Russell
Large Suggestion of a Tree
Solid steel
Located on Harrison St. at Harvey


Tia Etu
Butterfly Chair
Steel, found objects
[Currently being repaired]